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New Public Access Hours to the RCID Administration Building are Monday-Friday, 8:30am-1:30pm.

Building & Safety working hours remain Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm.

Note:  Payment for application will be due upon completed sufficiency review from the Building & Safety Permit Technicians. An email will be sent when ready for payment.  For questions or comments, email:

All printable forms can be found on the main RCID website:

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Welcome to the Reedy Creek Improvement District's (RCID) Online Permitting System!

To use this service, you must register (or already have registered) a professional license with our office, and you must be the license qualifier or be designated as an authorized agent or granted power of attorney by the license qualifier. You may then create an online user account. Note: Before your user account will be fully activated, the request must be reviewed and approved by the System Administrator.

The RCID Online Permitting System allows you to:

     -  Apply for all permit types online
     -  Apply for a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy online
     -  Review your permit application and status
     -  Schedule inspections and review results

Please contact our department at (407) 828-2034, or via email at, if you encounter any difficulties applying online.

To get started, please log in or register for an user account


        Note:  Password is case sensitive.

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